Good food
in a relaxed environment
at southern shore
of Lake Munksjön

Welcome to Restaurant Vesterbrunn!

With many years of experience in the restaurant industry and with two of Jönköping’s largest lunch restaurants behind us, we are now opening the doors to our most ambitious project to date… At Vesterbrunn we reflect nature, in all our kitchens all food is cooked from scratch with focus on Swedish flavors.


We are passionate about Traditional Swedish food when it comes to lunch, and with great passion for locally produced flavours and a lot of game meat on the evening menu.

Our philosophy

At restaurant Vesterbrunn we want to focus on our guests’ experience, with our unique interior of recycled wood, our love of food and our passion for Swedish, locally grown ingredients, we want to offer something out of the ordinary. Of course, served with our own beer, a glass of wine or something from our locally produced non-alcoholic range if you prefer.

Find us

Our restaurant Vesterbrunn in Jönköping is located by southern shore at Lake Munksjön, along the nice promenade. The address is Skeppsbrogatan 2, we are located on the ground floor in the same building as the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the Swedish Forest Agency.

A warm welcome here!

Our history

In 2013 we started our first restaurant at Solåsen in Jönköping, Anne who had worked 10 years as head chef at Nilssons mat och catering felt it was time to stand on her own two feet. Together with David, they started Annes Husman.


Initially, only Anne’s mother Anita was employed, but soon the number of customers and the employees grew as well. ”Only takeaway” was written at the entrance for many years, but now it is also open for seated guests at Solåsen.


After a couple of years at Solåsen, an offer came for an establishment at Torsvik, an investment we have not regretted. 140 seats and a kitchen built for 1000 portions was a dream for Anne and David.


When we now open the doors for Vesterbrunn Brasserie & Bar, we count 25 employees in our small group with three restaurants where we can offer most things in the restaurant world. Read more about Annes Husman here.



The name Vesterbrunn is nothing new, it existed in the area around southern parts of Munksjön far back in time. Around 1720, they discovered the healing powers of water and found a natural health spring where Jönköping residents went to drink of the healthy spring, as it was called. It was not only a place where you got a healing health cure but also a place where you met and enjoyed life.


Now after many hundreds of years, we bring the story back to life and even bring back the name Vesterbrunn, the well is long gone and the water may not be as healing anymore. But the idea of bringing a natural gathering place to life is more relevant than ever.