Welcome to enjoy
a delicious lunch
at Vesterbrunn

Lunch at Vesterbrunn

Traditional Swedish lunch

Four different dishes every day with salad, bread, butter and homemade cake with coffee.

All accompanied to a wonderful view of Lake Munksjön.

Of course, we only serve food with 100% Swedish meat ingredients!

See current weekly menu below, lunch is open between 11.00 and 14.00.

Seated guests we receive from 11.30, please book a table to come and eat.


Today’s lunch 135 SEK

Pick-up 99 SEK

Monday week





Say hello to Patrick!

He is our head chef with responsibility for our lunch service here at Vesterbrunn.

A good old man (go gubbe) from Gothenburg with solid experience of cooking and especially of lunch.

Ran his own restaurant in Gothenburg but  love made him to stay in Jönköping, which we are happy about.

Also say hello to Malin and Anne!

Malin is also a chef and  but she is the one who bakes, makes sandwiches and all the good salads that we serve as well as Patrick’s right-hand man when it comes to cooking. 

Enjoys living in her  house with his family in the countryside in Bondstorp.

Anne is the Head Chef and also the other half in the ownership of Annes Husman and Vesterbrunn.

Over 20 years of experience in lunch, catering and cooking in general makes her the backbone of all our kitchens.