Do you have wine tastings? A question we often get!

Yes, we have wine tastings, but a little different from what you are used to maybe?

Wine tastings for us, are not about right or wrong. Our taste palette  are so different and what you think is a really good wine only you can answer.

But with us you can always expect to learn more about wine and experience something out of the ordinary. With us you get to experience unusual wines that most people hardly come into contact with, but above all you get good wines in your glasses.

How does it work?

With us, you not only taste wine but also learn more about wine and its production.

Our sommeliers David and Emil will guide you and tell you about the wines we taste.

The tastings include some food to try along with the drinks, our chefs arrange some good flavors to combine the wine with.

We taste between 5-7 different drinks, the idea of our tastings is that you should learn about the wine world while experiencing the different flavors.


Time: 90 min
How many? Max 20 persons
When? Take a look at the booking page for dates and times